Mayweather Goes Nuclear On Bieber

It looks like Justin Bieber just upset the wrong guy. The singer’s onetime friend, Floyd Mayweather, reportedly went ‘insane’ on The Biebs after discovering the ‘traitor’ unfollowed him on Instagram.

Let this be a lesson to anyone who ever plans on unfollowing someone on Instagram — the consequences could become painful. Justin Bieber allegedly unfollowed his good friend, Floyd Mayweather, on Instagram, after his pals at Hillsong Church urged him to cut people, who may be bad influences, from his life — this, according to TMZ. Sources close to the pair told the site that Hillsong didn’t specifically name Floyd as a bad influence, but Justin decided “on his own” that he needed some distance from the boxer, who apparently has an obsession with strip clubs. He doesn’t necessarily want a clean break from Floyd, but he just wanted to “reset boundaries”.

Unfortunately for Justin, 23, Floyd, 40, didn’t take too kindly to the change in their “friendship.” The boxer went “insane, nuclear” when he discovered Justin unfollowed him on Instagram, the sources told the site. Especially after Floyd stuck by Justin’s side during his meltdown, when everyone was attacking the singer. Floyd is said to be “enraged” by this new development, and to be honest, we don’t blame him. But then again, it is just an Instagram unfollow — it’s not the end of the world.

Interestingly, Justin recently told TMZ that he doesn’t think Floyd will knock out Conor McGregor, when they fight on Saturday, Aug. 26. That’s a double diss! So while we don’t think unfollowing someone on social media is that big of a deal, the fact that Justin isn’t throwing his support behind Floyd — ahead of this weekend’s big fight — is pretty shady.

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