Mariah Carey Poses Topless for Magazine

Yeah, she did that! Mariah Carey went topless in a sizzling photoshoot, and the 47-year-old Diva looks absolutely stunning. We have the sexy pic here — you have to see it!

How amazing does Mariah Carey look? Being close to 50 years old isn’t stopping the legendary singer from flaunting her body — and it totally shouldn’t. The “We Belong Together” singer looks absolutely flawless in her brand new cover shoot for Paper Magazine. She shared the spread on Twitter, and we can’t help but focus one one shot in particular. She’s totally topless on the cover of the magazine!

Holy wow, Mariah is gorgeous! Mimi is apparently promoting her insane Las Vegas show in the magazine, and she’s got a showgirl-worthy ensemble to match. Her outfit for the special issue’s cover consists of just a pair of fishnet tights with a skimpy thong on top, and fishnet elbow-length gloves. Nothing. Else.

Well, she’s wearing some major jewelry, like a bejeweled body chain and some chunky bracelets. That definitely doesn’t count as a substitute for a top, though. Mariah’s bare breasts aren’t visible on the cover because they’re covered by her fabulous hair. Mariah’s worn some wild getups, but this one may take the cake. Can we talk about how toned and taught her body is right now? The Diva’s waist is tiny, and her bas are completely flat. Her hips and thighs are tight, too. By the way, her makeup is impeccable. Seriously, this is a great look for Mariah!

Inside the magazine, she swapped her topless ensemble for a jewel-encrusted one. She’s the queen, after all. In one photo, she keeps on the fishnets but swaps the body chain for a black bustier and diamond shell bra. Add to that two tiaras, diamond cuffs, and a massive, diamond necklace. Maybe she’s taking a cue from other hot celebs who love to deck themselves in glitter and gems? We’re diggin’ it!

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